Triple T Training


Trainer’s Background

My name is Theresa Tobon and I have been involved in horse training for more than 15 years. Originally from Clark County in beautiful Washington State, Ittt8 relocated to Solway, just 15 minutes outside Bemidji MN, in the summer of 2013. Owning my first horse when I was 9 years old I was involved in 4-H and showing performance and gaming, including competing twice at State Fair, where I placed in many of my events.  In my teenage years, I competed sucessfully at open shows in performance and gaming as well as giving lessons and training horses at various barns where I worked and boarded my own horses. I was an assistant 4-H leader for 2 years in Clark County, WA.   In 2000, I started working at Raley’s Headstart Farm as a licensed racehorse groom, caring daily for up to 30 horses of various ages and stages in their racing careers. In addition I added multiple small barns and horse related jobs and029 created “Just Horsin Around” – Horse care for the home horse owner. My responsibilities at various clients facilities included feeding, turnout, cleaning, health and preventive care, medicating, lameness issues, starting colts, halter breaking and imprinting. Often I would give lessons and training sessions at larger facilities, including colt starting, ground work and western riding lessons. 012Since moving to Minnesota in 2013 I have worked with a variety of horses and people in the area – horses of many different breeds with ages 2yrs to 16yrs. I have also provided horsemanship lessons for people aged 5yrs to 65yrs to develop skill, knowledge and confidence in handling and riding horses. My life long dream has been to train horses and help educate people to enable them to get the most out of their horses and in turn themselves. A dream which is now being fulfilled!

Continued Education

June 2015 – Participated in 2 day groundwork/obstacle course clinic in Deer River MN

August 2015 – Participated in 3 day Fundamentals Clinic taught by Clinton Anderson in Maple Lake MN

October 2015 – Attended educational Ranch Rally at Clinton Anderson’s ranch in Stephenville, Texas

Training Methods

trainingI use primarily Natural Horsemanship Methods, starting every horse from the ground up. I training 9work consistently to gain their trust and respect and return it to them. Horses are worked through desensitizing and sensitizing exercises to make them confident, reliable and safe partners for their owners. Using a variety of respect exercises on the ground and under saddle produces a very train1solid, responsible partner for years to come trainacross all disciplines. All horses in training are exposed to kids, dogs, 4-wheelers, tarps, bags, water and obstacles, leading and ponying with other horses, trail riding and arena work, trailering and much more. We train5put extensive miles under their feet through long rides, concentrated training and wet saddle blankets, both in the arena and on the trails. Training is available March through October and arrangements can be made for winter conditioning/maintenance  to keep a strong base of training going throughout the year.


Just a few of our recent training horses: