Find your new horse!


Here at Triple T Farms, we specialize in matching the right horse to the right rider.

Whether you are looking for your first horse or a new horse, we can help you find the right horse to match your needs, guide you through the purchasing process and work with you and your new equine companion to help you forge that very special bond between horse and owner/rider.

At Triple T. Farms, if you are new to horse ownership we can work with you to develop a buying list for your new horse with the needs and requirements that suit your skills and keep you on track to finding your partner.

Kate & Gus

Kate & Gus

After your purchase be at ease with having help nearby. Whether your new horse is a little rusty or you need a hand building the bond and adjusting to your new partner we are just a phone call away.


We stand behind the horses we train to sell to take the stress out of your purchase and make sure you are satisfied with your new partner.


At Triple T Farms, we believe in experiences that are enjoyable and stress free.

We are here to help!