Horse Fever July Ride


The club rounded up 24 riders and a few extra kids to ride the wagon on this great ride. We rode some beutiful trails around Trout Lake in the Becida area.


Riders, horses and families of all ages and skill levels are encouraged to go on rides monthly with the club. We often span 60 yrs of age in riders and 15-20 yrs in horses.


Zayden and Patrick Tobon enjoying their first group ride together. Zayden rides “Buckwheat” a 6 yr old Paint Pony. Patrick rides “Jack” a 20+ yr old gentle giant. Zayden rode the wagon and shared his pony with other riders today.




Daniel Tobon rode “Johnny” for the first time out on the trails today. Daniel’s regular mount at Triple T. Farms is “Edge”. “Johnny” is a 4 yr old grade gelding that Theresa started last year in August. He has been ridden year-round on many trail rides, two fun shows, and continues to learn his basics and fundementals in the arena.

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