Building Confidence

“Pompaii” 4 yr old QH Mare. Pompaii came for a 2 week refresher on her 90 days training she had as a 2 or 3 yr old. She was sold to her new rider Sarah back in early spring. Without having help getting started with their new partners Sarah and Pompaii both got confused, frustrated and lost confidence in each other. Pompaii completed a week of ground work and when Sarah came out at the end of the week to see her she was a much more respectful, quiet and willing partner.


After a week of riding Pompaii she was able to ride in both arenas and out on trails with very little resistance. Sarah rode her very well in her last lesson at a walk, trot and a now very collected lope. Pompaii will be boarded at Triple T. Farms so that Sarah will have any help she may need with her continued training and confidence with Pompaii.

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