Blaze – First time on the trails!


“Blaze”, leaving for his first trail ride with “Edge”. Hitting the trails a time or two being ponied is great for young horses. It desensitizes them to a lot of the same things they will experience with a rider in the future. Getting them accustomed to a rider above and beside them, horses in front and behind them, as well as all the trails have to offer in changes of terrain, scary objects, and traveling with tack moving and shifting.

Blaze is doing great and is on track to have his first ride very soon!



“Blaze”, is a 3 yr old Brazilian Mangalarga Marchador, gaited gelding. He is here at Triple T Farms for starting under saddle for trail and pleasure riding. He is a smart little guy who looks forward to learning new things.

Blaze has been pastured with only his mother since he was a yearling, so he has joined one of our gelding herds to learn some additional respect and pecking order naturally.

He was saddled for the first time today and did great –  giving to pressure well, sending and circle driving.


All Hands on Deck


My fabulous husband helping to clear trees and brush at Jeff Claypools for the parking area before the Fall Horse Fever Show. He also was on the work committee to get the clubhouse done for storage and horse show sign-ups. He continues to support us where ever he can even if he doesn’t always have a horse.



Cowboy Tricks

10610867_1499098656998301_4668295790611043410_nDaniel is now training farm horses for tricks and entertaining. Here he has spent two days with “Buckwheat” to cowboy mount from the rear. He is still working up the momentum to do it on almost 16 hand “Edge”.  Daniel has also started making his own bull whips for exhibition. All horses on the farm are now exposed to the loud crack of the whip and he hopes to be able to crack it while mounted on “Edge” soon.

Big Steel

10409603_1496866273888206_7097231163152414992_n“Steel” 13 yr old QH Gelding

Steel came to us in July for a 2 week tune-up. His owner recieved him from a family member that had only trail ridden him infrequently. She wanted him more respectful and responsive on the trails and wondered if he could be used for her grandkids. We started him on the ground, moving his feet and gaining his respect for riding. He came to us very dull and lazy which had started becoming disrespectful when riding. After two weeks of riding and ground work he was moving much better, getting softer in the bridal, staying in his space, and leg yielding and neck reining much better. To test him with the kids we had 9 yr old Alanna try him out in the arena at a walk and trot. He was great for her and when he left to go home 3 yr old Zayden rode him to the trailer.

Just Baily

10603513_1515588235349343_3122655197546733906_n“Baily” 9 yr old Paint Mare.

Baily came to us to be started under saddle for riding on a cattle ranch. The owners had done a great job keeping her respectful and not spoiled over the years of her not being trained for riding. I put 30 days on her in August and nearly 3 weeks was riding. She picked up all the ground work very quickly and it wasn’t long before we were out on the trail. She is very responsive to pressure in the bridal and leg cues. She was rode mainly in a bitless bridal as that was all that was neccessary for soft, supple turns and bending. When she left she had been ridden alone, in groups, in arena and trails. While here she was exposed to kids, dogs, 4-wheelers, bull whips and more!

Horse Fever July Ride


The club rounded up 24 riders and a few extra kids to ride the wagon on this great ride. We rode some beutiful trails around Trout Lake in the Becida area.


Riders, horses and families of all ages and skill levels are encouraged to go on rides monthly with the club. We often span 60 yrs of age in riders and 15-20 yrs in horses.


Zayden and Patrick Tobon enjoying their first group ride together. Zayden rides “Buckwheat” a 6 yr old Paint Pony. Patrick rides “Jack” a 20+ yr old gentle giant. Zayden rode the wagon and shared his pony with other riders today.




Daniel Tobon rode “Johnny” for the first time out on the trails today. Daniel’s regular mount at Triple T. Farms is “Edge”. “Johnny” is a 4 yr old grade gelding that Theresa started last year in August. He has been ridden year-round on many trail rides, two fun shows, and continues to learn his basics and fundementals in the arena.