Big Steel

10409603_1496866273888206_7097231163152414992_n“Steel” 13 yr old QH Gelding

Steel came to us in July for a 2 week tune-up. His owner recieved him from a family member that had only trail ridden him infrequently. She wanted him more respectful and responsive on the trails and wondered if he could be used for her grandkids. We started him on the ground, moving his feet and gaining his respect for riding. He came to us very dull and lazy which had started becoming disrespectful when riding. After two weeks of riding and ground work he was moving much better, getting softer in the bridal, staying in his space, and leg yielding and neck reining much better. To test him with the kids we had 9 yr old Alanna try him out in the arena at a walk and trot. He was great for her and when he left to go home 3 yr old Zayden rode him to the trailer.

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